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We have a development contract with Avinor for the prototype of the robot. This is an exciting collaboration that will continue until 2024.


Avinor is Norway's leader in its field with 44 airports.

Avinor AS is a Norwegian state company, and Norway's largest owner of airports. The company operates 44 airports, of which 12 are owned by the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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Envirex Group

The group is specialized within hydraulics, engineering, electronics, programming and mechanical / electrical assembly / testing.

Envirex offers highly skilled workers and competence to guarantee state of the art solutions within engineering, manufacturing, design and services of hydraulic tools and systems. Envirex offers a complete value chain of product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, verification and certification.


Yeti Move

Yeti Move is developing sustainable autonomous solutions for professional users. Our solutions enable sustainable operations, integrating the customers process with autonomous and connected vehicles. The Yeti technology is OEM independent and can be used for all kind of autonomous operations. The interest in Yeti Move is large from all over the world and we truly believe we are pioneers within the autonomy world.

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Innovation Norway

Innovasjon Norge`s contribution to Roboxi is financial support, competence within international expansion and growth capital. 


Gill Jennings

Gill Jennings & Every is a leading intellectual property firm based in London and Munich.



Roboxi is located on FOMO. An exciting workspace with both new and  established companies.

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